Display the time at your SQL*PLUS Prompt

Oracle SQL*PLUS provides the ability to change the default prompt in your session. This allows you to easily determine information about your current session without having to query the database. In this article we will review displaying the current system time at your SQL*PLUS prompt.

1. Connect to your database through SQL*PLUS.

SQL>connect ljcatt/xxxx@mydb

2. Execute the following SQL*PLUS command: set time on.

SQL>set time on
19:53:56 SQL>
19:53:58 SQL>

3. The time will now be displayed in your SQL*PLUS prompt.
4. To turn off the time execute the following SQL*PLUS command: set time off

19:53:58 SQL>set time off

5. This completes displaying the time at your Oracle SQL*PLUS prompt.

Larry J. Catt, OCP 9i, 10g