Determining SELinux mode before Oracle installation

SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) provides for additional OS layer security with a default installation. However, this added security can cause issues for installation of multiple software packages of which Oracle is one. This article shows how to determine the mode of SELinux before installing Oracle.

1. Logon to your server as root.
2. Execute the command getenforce or sesstatus to determine the current OS mode of SELinux.

[root@mylinux /]# /usr/sbin/getenforce
[root@mylinux /]# /usr/sbin/sestatus
SELinux status: enabled
SELinuxfs mount: /selinux
Current mode: permissive
Mode from config file: permissive
Policy version: 21
Policy from config file: targeted
[root@mylinux /]#

3. This completes determination of SELinux mode before Oracle installation.

Larry J. Catt, OCP 9i, 10g

Oracle error OUI-10058

The OUI (Oracle Universal Installer) relies on an Oracle inventory to recognize the Oracle software which already exists on the system. Multiple files are read during the OUI startup, the first of which is /etc/oraInst.loc. The oraInst.loc file points to the location of the Oracle inventor directory, which could be anywhere. In order to get an inventory of the current system, OUI must have access to this file. The error OUI-10058 is an indication that OUI does not have access to this file. This article covers the typical error and resolution to this problem

Typical error:

OUI-10058 The OUI Inventory on this system does not exist or is not writable.
1. The /opt/oracle/oraInventory/orainstall…..
2. You are not a member of the specified installer group.

Solution: If you executed all previous script as instructed, the most like cause is permission.

1. Logon to the system as root.
2. Change directory to /etc
3. Check the file permissions with the command ll

[root@mylinux /]# ll *ora*

4. If the file permission is not set to 644, change the permissions with the command chmod

[root@mylinux /]# chmod 644 /etc/oraInst.loc.

5. This completes the resolution of OUI-10058, due to file permissions of /etc/oraInst.loc.

Larry J. Catt, OCP 9i, 10g