Oracle WebCenter – Content, Sites, Portal, Adapters – Overview

Oracle WebCenter is a collaboration application that concentrates on connecting internal and external users of an organization.   It is focuses on allowing an organizations IT assets to work in a unified fashion to meet the needs of decision makers, employees, customers, venders, and partners.   It manages three components through the use of adapters: Content, Sites, and Portals.   Application Adapters for Oracle WebCenter allow for the sharing of content in business process over multiple disjointed applications and services.   WebCenter Content allows for sharing of information based on predefined restrictions and business needs to various applications and services, allowing for full content management.   WebCenter Sites manage various websites for both traditional browsers and mobile devices.   WebCenter Portal manages web portals for access to various applications, services, and collective applications.   Oracle WebCenter gives the ability to combine applications, services, and content into one succinct system even though the original components where not designed to work together.


Larry Catt




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